TECHFLAME presents Blank Free Swabbing, a solution for swabbing process in Hollow Glass Industry

How it works:

  • We spray special nanotechnological coat on gob, designed for avoiding the friction in Blanks. Efficient gob loading.
  • We use Plasma coated delivery system – minimizing friction in delivery system. Very low friction coefficient.
  • TechFlame engineering “know-how”
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DELIVERY COAT is a product developed by Glass people using plasma technology, tested 7 years in operation.

  • Increases your PTM between 2% and 4%
  • Designed for supporting high speeds
  • Minimizes gob speed losses - smooth and oily
  • Keeps gob hot - insulation effect
  • Minimizes visual defects - long operation hours without wear, perfectly flat surface
  • Saves you more than 70% from expenses related to production losses/component replacement
  • Reduces section downtimes, achieves long operation hours without replacing components
  • Less effort for operators, fewer man hours
  • Reduces maintenance cost - 100% outsourced
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  • TechFlame design +2% PTM
  • No Baffle marks
  • High average results on pressure test - over 22 bars
  • Better glass distribution
  • Ultra low weight jobs
  • Practically free maintenance
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  • TechFlame design +1% PTM
  • Plasma coated long life – over 500 000 cycles
  • Quick change
  • Self aligning
  • No bolts and screws (maintenance free)
  • Recyclable/Returnable
  • Low operation cost
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Ultra LIght Design

Ultra light design for sparkling wine, soft drinks & beer bottles.

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NRH repair tool

TechFlame NRP repair tool:

  • Achieved straighten – 0.08mm
  • Simple for using
  • Save money
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Computerized Maintenance Management System

Main Features:

  • Access by every point with Internet connection
  • Equipment tree organization
  • Technical passport for each part of the equipment tree
  • Scheduling of tasks for preventive and predictive maintenance
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